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Let us help you showcase your property,

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About Us

Bill's Story:

I am a Real Estate Photographer, serving the Greater Philadelphia/South Jersey area. I have been a Professional Photographer for over 30 years, specializing in Architectural and Interior Design photography, as well as Wedding and Portrait Photography. My interior work has been published in House Beautiful, as well as on the cover of Kitchen & Bath Concepts, and Casino Gaming magazines. 

I was born and raised in South Jersey. I have always been artistic, even as a child, and developed a passion for photography while in college. I studied Commercial Art and Design, specializing in photography, at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. After college I worked in the photography department at NASA in Hampton, Virginia.

When I started my Architectural and Interior Design Photography business in 1985, I used a large format view camera with 4x5 sheet film, real old school stuff! I learned how to creatively and meticulously compose and light an interior space to capture the look and feel the designer intended.  My clientele has included architects, interior designers, builders & developers and product manufacturers. 

In the early 90’s, I expanded into Wedding & Portrait Photography, opening a studio with my business partner in 2005.  But today my concentration is primarily in Real Estate Photography, working with Realtors to provide professional photographs of their client’s home, that have an immediate appeal to potential buyers and stands out from the crowd. 

What we do and What you can expect:

  • We provide high resolution photography of residential and commercial properties for real estate agents & brokers, property managers, builders & remodelers, architects and interior designers.  


  • What sets us apart from a lot of other photographers is the level of customer service - we do more, provide more value, and rarely say NO. Our business is built on trust & integrity, and open & honest communication.

  • You can always expect prompt and courteous service - we have years of experience in serving our clients and pride ourselves on creating customer satisfaction and doing everything possible to retain your business. We enjoy working with people, having fun and building relationships. 

  • Bill brings his easy going demeaner to every client and every photo session. He arrives on time and is well dressed to make a good impression on your behalf. We treat every home as if it’s our own, and do everything we can to make it look it's best. We are professional, courteous & respectful of the owners and their property. 

  • We provide real value to our clients through sincere relationships and high-quality media. We know how hard you've worked to build your brand, and we always make sure to be a compliment to that fact - we strive to make you look good! 


  • From scheduling the photography, to the simplicity of choosing the services & understanding the pricing, to getting quick & easy access to the images, we want EASY to be what you experience when working with us. 

Services &Pricing


Residential Real Estate Photography


Basic Package: 24 Photos

Recommended for townhomes &

condos up to 1800 sf.

Includes 24 HDR photos and 24 hr. turnaround.


Standard Package: 36 Photos

Recommended for homes from

1500-3000 sf.

Includes 36 HDR photos and 24 hr.


6 Sofia Ct-49_edited.jpg

Premium Package: 48 Photos

Recommended for homes from 

3000-5000 sf.

Includes 48 or more HDR photos

and 24 hr. turnaround, PLUS our

Marketing Kit.

31 Harvest Dr-10_edited.jpg

Luxury Package: 60+ Photos

Recommended for larger properties over 5000 sf.

Includes 60 or more HDR photos

and 24 hr. turnaround, PLUS our

Marketing Kit & Floor Plan.

Floor Plans


all-in-one, with or without dimensions


single floor, with or without dimensions





Recent Real Estate Projects:

Includes HDR photos, property flyer, 

property website and 24 hr. turnaround.

Aerial Photography:

 Architectural & Design Projects: